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Cashout at BetMcLean

Should you – Will you – Can you – Now you can!  BetMcLean.com now offers Cashout on a vast range of sports and markets.

BetMcLean launches our new Cashout product, where you can Cashout your bet before it concludes.  Cashout will be available on a vast range of sports, markets and bets.

Please note, Cashout is not available on all sports or markets, and you should never place a bet with the expectation to be able to Cashout. Please find our terms for our new Cashout product below.

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Cashout Cash out betting online with betmclean bet inplay and cashout on selected sports

Terms and Conditions for Cashout;

1. Pay-outs to customers for cash out transactions will occur at the time of cash out, but please note, delays may occur from time to time in settling funds.
2. BetMcLean Cashout feature allows you to take a return on your bet prior to the market(s) in which you placed the bet closes.
3. Not all markets are available for Cash Out in-play. BetMcLean reserves the right to decide which markets are available for cashout at anytime.
4. BetMcLean reserves the right to accept or decline the Cash Out settlement.
5. Where we have reason to believe that a Cash Out is carried out after the outcome of an event is known,  we reserve the right to void the original bet that was Cashed Out.
6. BetMcLean Live Betting and General Rules apply on all live bets where Cash Out is available.
7. On bets when a free bet has been used, cash out will be unavailable until the value of your cash out is higher than the value of your free bet.

8. In regard to the result or settlement of a market BetMcLean’s decision is final. 9. The Cash Out value offered is inclusive of the original stake and the total amount returned to your account will be the amount shown on the Cash Out button.
10.When customers successfully Cash Out this will constitute a settlement of the original bet and any subsequent events will have no impact on the amount returned to your account.
11. BetMcLean cannot be held responsible if the Cash Out option is not available for technical reasons.
12. BetMcLean provides no guarantee as to the availability of the Cash Out function and shall not be liable for any losses flowing from the unavailability of the Cash Out function.
13. BetMcLean reserves the right to withdraw or suspend Cash Out offers to users on a market without prior notice, and will not be held responsible for promotional imagery, messaging or social media updates being on display at the time the offer is withdrawn.
14. We reserve the right to amend, suspend or remove Cash Out availability at any time to any customer.
15. Cashout requests cannot be made/accepted via Email, phone or Live Chat if Cash Out option is not available for technical reasons.
16. Cash Out availability is not guaranteed so we recommend that you do not place bets with the sole intention of using the Cash Out function. All bets will stand regardless of the availability of the Cash Out feature.
17. Bets placed will stand regardless of whether the Cash Out option was either available or sought by the Customer.
18. Where a blatant or palpable error is made in prices offered, Bets accepted, offers made or in the in transmission of any event on which we appear to offer Cash Out, Bets may be settled at the correct price at the time at which the Bet was placed, as determined by BetMcLean