News CONGRATULATIONS to Aoife Murphy!

No matches are scheduled right now. Stay tuned.
S. No. Match Date Status

Goal Prediction

Predict how many goals will be scored in the Tournament?


S. No. Full Name of the User Total Score Next Pred.
1. Aoife Murphy 40 Points Hidden
2. Curtis Livingstone 37 Points Hidden
3. Andrew Morrison 35 Points Hidden
4. Mervyn Glasgow 34 Points Hidden
5. Joe Irwin 34 Points Hidden
6. Arjoon Kc 32 Points Hidden
7. Richard Seymour 32 Points Hidden
8. Anthea Hendricks 32 Points Hidden
9. rob hill 31 Points Hidden
10. Firose 31 Points Hidden
Curtis Livingstone Did u get sorted Aoife?
Anthea Hendricks Well done Mr Murphy spend it wisely and well done again!!!!
Aoife Murphy How do i claim my cash prize?
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